The Athenian Riviera comprises a 5o km coastline dotted with small resorts. such as Lagonissi, Anavyssos, Saronida and Agia Marina. Each resort  has its own collection of small bays, sheltered coves and sandy beaches

                                                             Riviera Beaches


The Riviera starts even before the southern suburb of Glyfada and includes Marina Alimou at Kalamaki, the largest marina in Greece with over 900 berths.

                                                                Marina Alimou

The Riviera extends from there as far as the cliffs at Cape Sounion.  As they rounded the Cape  mariners from ancient Greece were greeted by the sun’s reflection from the golden statue of Venus on the Acropolis.  The first sign that  they would reach home safely after the perils of their journey.  In homage to Poseidon  the God of the sea,  sailors built the temple which still stands on Sounion, a major monument from a Golden Age


The real estate market on The Athenian Riviera benefits from substantial demand  both for permanent homes and for holiday homes. The resorts are well served by public transport facilities and are only some 20 minutes from the airport. The metro goes from the airport directly into the hearts of both Piraeus and Athens.  There are express bus services along the main coast road to Glyfada.  Tram services operate along the coast from Voula into both Athens and Piraeus.

                                                        Christmas Day in Voula

Villas and apartments along The Riviera command excellent views of the scenic coastline. and The Imetos mountains also  provide stunning views along the whole of the coastline. The mountains  provide an escape from the heat of the day. Not least they create a much needed opportunity for popular activities such as hiking and mountain biking.

Not surprisingly the real estate market is enjoying a period of strength. In particular over the past two years prices have far exceeded the expectations of many.

                                                            Coves & Bays in Saronida


Those who live there can enjoy life to the full. Waterfront and beachside tavernas specialise in traditional Greek dishes and international cuisine. Shopping facilities include supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies and butchers.

Water sports and sailing are readily available. Other popular activities include hiking, mountain biking and horse riding. Many residents still walk to and from their local beaches for their daily swim.                                                                                   


                                                      A Stunning Riviera Sunset


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