Sell Your House in Greece


If you have property in Greece for sale, we will gladly give you advice as to how to go about it and our suggestions for marketing your property.

We will advise you about photographs of the property, write a full and detailed description, giving as much detailed information as possible about your property and its location. This is then submitted to you, for your approval.

We have clients all over the world who are interested in buying property in Greece, both property on the Greek mainland and property in the Greek islands. We appreciate that they will want to know as much as possible about a property and its location, before spending hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds on a viewing trip. A few lines of basic description and a couple of photographs will not persuade potential buyers to come all the way from Australia or California. We supply potential buyers with a full colour brochure for each property which interests them

Marina Alimou

This is the internet age for marketing real estate.  It is necessary to get as much internet exposure as possible for your property and to ensure this we go far beyond just promoting your property on our own web site. We co-operate with major international property portals, to ensure that your property receives widespread international and local coverage and we also use media promotions on the internet. We write a daily sponsored article for a UK website which caters for and is distributed to investors and UK company executives.

The great majority of enquiries which we receive are replied to within 24 hours and certainly within 48 hours.  A speedy and efficient service is essential in helping to capture the interest of potential buyers. We are not perfect and we will occasionally make a mistake.  But when we do, we will be the first to put out hand up and say, sorry.

So if you have a property for sale in Greece, or are thinking of selling your house or villa in Greece, why not give us a call or send us an e mail.

Contact us at:

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