• 310,000 Euro,

A seafront hotel for sale opposite Poros Island .With superb views across the short 400 m. channel to Poros. The jewel of the Saronic islands. The hotel provides the following  accommodation and facilities


  • Reception area
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bar
  • Café and breakfast room

1st  FLOOR

5 en suite bedrooms


5 en suite bedrooms.



The ground floor of 120 sm. includes the reception desk, a fully equipped kitchen, a bar and a large area used as a cafe and as a breakfast area for the guests.  This can be leased to a tenant at a substantial annual rent or operated by the proprietor of the hotel. The hotel is privately owned and operates throughout the year. It has the benefit of an EOT licence which can be transferred to a new owner. With a total of 10 bedrooms catering for  a maximum of 20 beds these can be organised to provide a mix of single and double bedrooms, as required.


The property was built in 1960 and renovated  in both 1985 and 2007. It would now benefit from  some updating and further modernisation.

The hotel is in an ideal position with an attractive promenade and a frequent water taxi  to and from Poros. There is also a car ferry service from Piraeus as well as easy access by car from Athens / Piraeus with much of the journey being on motorway and taking about 2 hours 3o minutes.

The waterfront has a number of bars and tavernas with the advantage that prices are much lower than  on Poros.



The hotel does not take advantage of the numerous opportunities waiting to be seized by an entrepreneurial spirit. Firstly the creation of bistro and wine bar would work wonders for the business. Even along the waterfront the competition is extremely limited, consisting mainly of coffee bar type operations.

Refurbishment of the hotel would put it way ahead of the competition. Poros is an expensive island and tourists often cross over the water to take advantage of lower prices for food and drink. It is also an extremely busy island despite this every hotel  save two remains closed for the winter. The water taxis which cross to and from Poros run about every 15 minutes. There are regular hydrofoil and car ferry services to Poros and a car ferry to Galatas from Piraeus. There is also a frequent car ferry service across to Poros. All this activity creates movement and the opportunities for business.

We also have our own team of specialists who live and work in the area and can provide building and renovation services with specialist masons and builders as well as architectural and design services. They are either English or speak English and will be happy to provide examples of their work. The opportunities offered by a seafront hotel for sale opposite Poros are unique for anybody who feels he can be motivated by them.



The Peloponnese is one of Europes last unspoilt regions and also one of its most beautiful. Spectacular mountain and coastal scenery mixes with sandy beaches and protected bays. The nearby islands  are never far away, shimmering in the crystal clear waters of the Saronic Gulf.

From walking and hiking, sailing to cycling, writing, bird watching and painting, the Peloponnese offers a multitude of opportunities for a wide range of activities. These help to keep a steady flow of tourists coming throughout the year. The numbers which could be increased substantially if more suitable all year round accommodation, is provided.

seafront hotel for sale opposite Poros

Property Features

  • Bar
  • Cafe
  • Ferries
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • roof terrace
  • Seafront