40,000 Euro.

Methana is a beautiful volcanic peninsula with over 30 craters and domes and linked to the Peloponnese mainland by a narrow Isthmus. The beachfront fishermans hut Methana is a small stone cottage on the beach at Foflaka on the Methana pensinsula.  The cottage  is on a plot of 273 sm. and is next to an adjoining plot of 544sm. The larger plot can only be used for landscaping and gardens and can not be built on.

The accommodation at fishermans hut Methana offers two alternative designs one of 27.6sm and the second of 36.96 sm. The cottage is actually built on the pebbled beach at Foflaka and requires full renovation.


  • Kitchen
  • Lounge / dining room
  • Double bedroom
  • Bathroom

The total cost of the renovation project is estimated at 110,000 Euro Plan 1 or 125,000 Euro Plan 2.

Plan 1 includes the creation of a building 4m. x 6.90m with decking of 2m. x 6.90m facing the sea.

Plan 2 includes the creation of a building of 4.80m x 7.7m with decking of 2m. x 7.7.m. also facing the sea.

The costs include the purchase price of the cottage at 40,000 Euro  plus the renovations but do not include decking, pathways, pools, landscaping, walls to ensure privacy and gardens..

Lay out plans with measurements are available on request. It is estimated that the cost of obtaining planning permission from the local authority will be in the region of 5,000 Euro. The cost of renovations  will be subject to the buyers requirements as to the quality of finishes, furnishings and appliances as discussed and agreed with the project engineer.


The Methana peninsula  provides breathtaking landscapes and holiday experiences off the beaten track. Small mountain  and fishing villages appear where time has stood still.  There are spectacular views across the bay to Methana town which attracts visitors from all over Greece to its thermal baths and hot springs.

Methana provides that a unique feeling of being able to walk on a volcano. Even though the last submarine crater erupted in 1,700AD the landscape of inactive volcanoes, lava domes and craters has a special attraction.





Property Features

  • beachfront
  • Garden
  • Sea Views