REDUCED TO 3,500,000 Euro

Athens centre prime restoration / redevelopment property for sale, in prime location. Designed by a German architect and built in about 1913, the five storey building is one of the last remaining classical buildings in this part of the centre of Athens. Situated close to the National Archeologial Museum and its surrounding gardens, the building, which is in need of full restoration and renovation, is on one of main urban dual carriageways leading out of Athens and only a five minute walk from Ommonia square.

Originally built as a five storey apartment block, with two ground floor shops, a basement and a roof terrace, the building still retains many of the original features, both in stone and wood. The building was later used for commercial purposes.

The architectural importance of the façade is recognized by the fact that it has been granted protected status, which means that its design and appearance can not be changed although this does not prevent or restrict the nature of the internal renovation work which can be carried out.

Built on a plot of 371.25 sq.m. the building provides a total of 2,227 sq.m. of accommodation. The present building coefficient is 3.5 so that in the case of complete internal rebuilding, one would be able to build 1,299.375 sq.m.. In the case of rearranging and remodeling the interior as part of the general renovation works, one would be able to retain the present area of 2,227 sq.m.

Each of the five main floors contains two large suites of rooms, which could either be kept as two separate office suites, or alternatively could be joined together to form a whole floor suite, whichever meets the requirements of the buyer.

In addition there are;
Storeage rooms and common areas 245.00
Stairways, lift shaft and light shafts 239.93

The space for each set of rooms is as follows;

Semi Basement – left 67.36
Semi Basement – right 58.89
First Floor 158.14
Second Floor 149.33
Third Floor 147.85
Fourth Fl;oor 149.36
Fifth Floor 237.83

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a building of character in a prime commercial position near to the heart of one of Europes major capital cities.