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Building Land

    Galatas building land for sale
    Galatas Building Land For Sale Sea Views

    Galatas, Peloponnese Greece

    REDUCED TO 55,000€

    GALATAS BUILDING LAND FOR SALE SEA VIEWS 4,160sm. 55,000 Euro Galatas building land for sale on the east coast of the Peloponnese. The land...

      Lot Size4160 m²
    Zakynthos building land
    Zakynthos Building Land At Laganas

    Laganas, Zakynthos, Ionian Islands Greece


    ZAKYNTHOS BUILDING LAND AT LAGANAS 933 sm. SUITABLE FOR TOURIST DEVELOPMENT 180,000 Euro On the Ionian island of Zakynthos building land at Laganas for sale.In...

      Lot Size933 m²
    Cyclades building land
    Cyclades Building Land Folegrandos

    Folegrandos, Cyclades Greece

    REDUCED TO 99,000€

    CYCLADES BUILDING LAND FOLEGRANDOS STUNNING LOCATION – BREATHTAKING VIEWS 5,150sm. VALID BUILDING PERMIT Reduced to 99,000 Euro Cyclades building land Folegrandos in the southern...

      Lot Size5150 m²
    Salandi beachfront development land
    Salandi Beachfront Development Land, Argolida

    Kranidi, Salandi, Peloponnese Greece


    PELOPONNESE – ARGOLIDA 7.000 sm. DEVELOPMENT LAND SALANDI BEACHFRONT DEVELOPMENT LAND 450,000 Euro Salandi beachfront development land? Ever heard of Salandi? No, neither had...

      Lot Size7,000 m²
    Kos development land for sale
    Kos Development Land For Sale Near Sea

    KOS, The Aegean Sea

    Reduced to 350,000€

    KOS DEVELOPMENT LAND FOR SALE NEAR SEA 22,600sm. Kos development land for sale with superb views across the Aegean sea. The land is near...

      Lot Size22600 m²
    Peloponnese Mani building land
    Peloponnese Mani Building Land; 400sm.

    Riglia, Peloponnese Mani Greece


    PELOPONNESE MANI BUILDING LAND 400 sm. 27,000 Euro Peloponnese Mani building land near Riglia in one of the most beautiful areas of the Peloponnese....

      Lot Size400 m²
    Anavyssos building plot
    Anavyssos Building Plot 250.16 Sm. For Sale

    Anavyssos, Athenian Riviera Greece


    ANAVYSSOS BUILDING PLOT WITHIN THE SCHEDIO 250.16 sm. 65,000 Euro Anavyssos building plot, has only recently been included within the schedio. The permitted development...

      Lot Size250.16 m²
    Santorini beachfront building land
    Santorini Beachfront Building Land

    Santorini, Cyclades


    SANTORINI BEACHFRONT BUILDING LAND 19,500 sm. 2,700,000 Euro Santorini beachfront building land for sale, a superb seafront plot for sale on the fabled island...

      Lot Size19700 m²
    Ikaria beachfront building land
    Ikaria Beachfront Building Land

    Ikaria, The Aegean Sea Greece


    IKARIA BEACHFRONT BUILDING LAND AEGEAN ISLANDS AGIA IRINI 409 s.m. 200,000 Euro Ikaria beachfront building land is on the Aegean island of Ikaria. It...

      Lot Size409 m²
    Peloponnese beachfront land
    Peloponnese Beachfront Land

    Galatas, Peloponnese Greece


    PELOPONNESE BEACHFRONT LAND TAKTIKOPOULI 150m. BEACH FRONTAGE 7,600 sm.   450,000 Euro Peloponnese  beachfront land for sale at Taktikopouli opposite Poros. The land is near...

      Lot Size7599sm m²
    Kythira building plot near sea
    Kythira Building Plot Near Sea

    Kythira, Kythira Greece


    KYTHIRA BUILDING PLOT NEAR SEA 4,000 sm. 85,000 Euro Kythira building plot near sea for sale on Kythira, an island off the coast of...

      Lot Size4000 m²
    Ermioni Beachfront Building Land

    Ermioni, Peloponnese Greece


    ERMIONI BEACHFRONT BUILDING LAND PELOPONNESE 3,284sm. 600,000 Euro Ermioni beachfront building land on the Peloponnese coast, faces the islands of Hydra and Dokos. The...

      Lot Size3284 m²
    Kefalonia land for sale
    Kefalonia Land For Sale At Agios Andreas

    Kefalonia, AGIOS ANDREAS Greece

    REDUCED TO 115,000€

    KEFALONIA LAND FOR SALE BUILDING PLOT 4,650 sq.m. WITH LICENCE SUPERB LOCATION WITH SEA VIEWS 115,000 Euro Kefalonia land for sale, situated outside Agios...

      Lot Size4650 m²
    Agios Nikolaos building land in Mani
    Agios Nikolaos Building Land In Mani

    Agios Nikolaos, Mani, Peloponnese Greece


    AGIOS NIKOLAOS BUILDING LAND IN MANI 1000 sm 500mts from beach 40,000 Euros   Agios Nikolaos building land in Mani located between the two...

      Lot Size1000 m²
    Zakynthos land near Alykes
    Zakynthos Land Near Alykes; Sea Views

    Katastari, Zakynthos, Ionian Islands Greece

    REDUCED TO 65,000€

    ZAKYNTHOS LAND NEAR ALYKES FOR SALE SUPERB SEA VIEWS 1082 sm.  65,000 Euro Zakynthos land near Alykes for sale at Katastari. The land of...

      Lot Size1082 m²
    Athos Breachfront development land
    Athos Beachfront Development Land

    , Chalkidiki Greece


    ATHOS BEACHFRONT DEVELOPMENT LAND CHALKIDIKI, SKALA NEON RODON 38,267 sm. 1,500,000 Euro Athos beachfront development land is located 15m from the sea on the...

      Lot Size38,316sm m²
    building plot for sale on Lesvos
    A Building Plot For Sale On Lesvos

    lesvos, Plomari, The Aegean Sea Greece


    BUILDING PLOT FOR SALE ON LESVOS 1460 sm. 100m. FROM SEA 45,000 Euro. A building plot for sale on Lesvos in a quiet peaceful...

      Lot Size1460 m²
    Corinth beachfront building land
    Corinth Beachfront Building Land For Sale

    Loutraki, Central Greece Greece


    CORINTH BEACHFRONT BUILDING LAND FOR SALE Corinth beachfront building land for sale near to Loutraki on the Gulf of Corinth. The land which has...

      Lot Size1782 m²
    sale evia building land
    For Sale Evia Building Land Almiropotoma

    Almyrapotamos, Evia Greece


    FOR SALE EVIA BUILDING LAND ALMIROPOTAMOS 2,440 sq..m CLOSE TO SEA 63,000 Euro For sale Evia building land in the small village of Almiropotamos....

      Lot Size2440 m²
    beachfront building land with forest
    Beachfront Development Land With Forest

    Perachora, Central Greece Greece


    BEACHFRONT DEVELOPMENT LAND WITH FOREST 130,000 s.m. PERACHORA, Nr. LOUTRAKI CRYSTAL CLEAR SEAS BEAUTIFUL BEACHES 8,000,000 Euro Beachfront development land with forest, near Loutraki...

      Lot Size130000sm. m²
    Evia Plakari building plot
    Evia Plakari Building Plot 4,770, S.m.

    Plakari, Evia Greece

    REDUCED TO 40,000€

    EVIA PLAKARI BUILDING PLOT SEA & MOUNTAIN VIEWS VALID BUILDING PERMIT REDUCED TO 40,000 Euro Evia Plakari building plot for sale nr Karystos in...

      Lot Size4770 m²
    crete chania building land
    Crete Chania Building Land 2,360 Sm.

    Cambia, Crete


    CRETE CHANIA CAMBIA BUILDING LAND 2360 sq.m.  PLOT SEA & MOUNTAIN VIEWS 97,000 Euro Located in Crete Chania building land of 2,360s. in the...

      Lot Size2360 m²
    building land on Kythnos
    Building Land On Kythnos In The Cyclades

    Kythnos, Cyclades Greece



      Lot Size4000 m²
    Evia seafront land
    Evia Seafront Land For Sale Agios Dimitrios

    Agios Dimitrios, Evia Greece


    EVIA SEAFRONT LAND FOR SALE 90,000 Euro On the island of Evia seafront land at Agios Dimitrios for sale.  This large plot of seafront...

      Lot Size4487 m²

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