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Greece’s second lockdown came after the infection rate rose to record levels. The peak reached 3,000 cases per day but in a little over a month this has already fallen back to 1195. The Greek government is however taking no chances. Unlike the shambles which rules in the UK , Greece is being very firm, and very professional. Everybody knows what the rules are and generally they stick to them. None of this ludicrous behaviour from senior politicians who think they are too important to obey the rules and then come up with one shameless lie after another, by way of excuse.

Christmas is not going to be a very merry one for Greece’s second lockdown. All retail stores, places of entertainment, restaurants, bars and cafes will be shut throughout Christmas. Seasonal shops selling Xmas decorations are excluded from the lockdown and can be open from 7am to 8. 30pm.

Supermarkets are open and although they are crowded they can also sell Xmas decorations but dont think of trying to sneak a pair of Jeans, through the check out.

The rules are simple. That is why they are obeyed. Send an SMS to 13033 to get a permit to leave the house. The permit arrives immediately and off you can go for any one of up to 6 reasons, including taking the dog for a walk. Keep the permit on your mobile, carry your ID card and wear a mask at all times, whether inside or out, whether walking or using public transport.

Hospitals and intensive care units are still under pressure. Greece’s second lockdown will not be over quickly. It has now been extended to the 7th January but as from tomorrow hairdressers are open again.

Restrictions on international flights also expire tomorrow. Remember you still need to fill in your passenger locator form 24 hours before entering Greece. You must have with you proof of a negative  test provided within 72 hours before your arrival. After the 18th December you must provide a random test on arrival and self isolate for 3 days if the test is negative. If it is positive you will be quarantined until further advice.

If you have  multiple stopovers you must report your travel  itinerary. Remember that the region of Central Greece is considered a high risk area as from 22nd November and you are warned against non essential travel.

So there you have it, all neat and tidy. All UK politicians and so called scientists are very welcome to come to Greece and take lessons from the cradle of civilisation in how to manage a pandemic.


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