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Finding Evia renovation property can be a rewarding task.  Leave the main roads and  head for the small villages, off the beaten track. Stroll through the village square,  stop for a coffee or an ouzo, explore the side streets. Then look for where the streets begin to give way to fields and the odd donkey. Here you are, an old derelict farm house, a ramshackle field house with a few acres of land.
Evia is the second largest of the Greek islands with 370 kms of coast and some 110 beaches. Stunning
mountain and coastal scenery, make it one of the most beautiful of Greek islands. This island has retained its
traditional Greek character and atmosphere.  Its coastline is dotted with small fishing villages. The rural  villages are still open, working all year round. It is in these villages that a plentiful supply of Evia renovation properties can be found.
Apart from the usual beach activities, Evia is a haven for the artist and the writer, and for bird watchers, as
well as for those who enjoy more active pursuits such as hiking and mountain biking.
It has the longest sandy beach in Europe, seven miles of it. Few of Evias beaches are crowded or packed.
Getting to Evia renovation property could not be easier. The island benefits from a  motorway network directly from the airport and central
Athens. This leads to a number of small ports on the west coast of the mainland, providing regular ferry services to ports on the island.
In addition, a modern motorway bridge gives direct access from the mainland to the islands capital of Chalkida. On Evia you are never cut off even in the stormiest of winter weather.
 The heavily wooded mountains , snow capped in winter and the stunning coastline have a magic all of their own.
 This is the Greece of yester year, where grandma still holds sway in the traditional taverna
kitchen and where the menfolk get up at five every morning, to work on the harvest before starting their
day job.
The one thing you will not find on Evia is an airport. There isn’t one – not even a landing strip. This is
what helps to make it unique amongst Mediterranean holiday islands.

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