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EU Trounces Italian Democracy

Italy had a democratically elected government, at least until a few hours ago. Then the unelected commissars of the EU decided that they did not like the Italian budget and told the government that it  was unacceptable and the would have to change it. Not only was it unacceptable it was illegal and broke EU law because the budget deficit exceeded the maximum permissible.  There is only one law in the EU and you can not have different EU rules applying in different EU member states, they opined.

Of course there is one exception to that principal which they conveniently chose to ignore because the exception is of course non other than Germany. Germany which has for years had a budget surplus far in excess of the 3% maximum allowed by EU law. What action did these same unelected bureaucrats take against Germany for its clear, gross and persistent breaches of the budgetary rules ? Nothing. They let the Germans get on with making themselves more and more prosperous whilst at the same time devastating the economies of most of the EU Med countries.

These ignorant EU numpties completely forgot that one countries surplus is another countries deficit. So a new airport for Greece, thank you very much, oh dont bother about payment, we’ll see about that later,  a new metro system, certainly. War reparations, well steady on mein Freund, we owe you billions for war damages and our Chancellor says we are not even allowed to discuss these with you.

Meanwhile  with the full blessings of Brussls currency whirlwinds suck Euros out of the MED, and deposit them on Germany leaving Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, financially devastated.

Thank God for Brexit.  Even if as looks likely, The UK comes out of it badly, we made our own choice.

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