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Greece’s second lockdown came after the infection rate rose to record levels. The peak reached 3,000 cases per day but in a little over a month this has already fallen back to 1195. The Greek government is however taking no chances. Unlike the shambles which rules in the UK , Greece is being very firm, […]


FINDING YOUR EVIA RENOVATION PROPERTY. Finding Evia renovation property can be a rewarding task.  Leave the main roads and  head for the small villages, off the beaten track. Stroll through the village square,  stop for a coffee or an ouzo, explore the side streets. Then look for where the streets begin to give way to […]


THE ATHENIAN RIVIERA The Athenian Riviera comprises a 5o km coastline dotted with small resorts, such as Lagonissi, Anavyssos, Saronida and Agia Marina. Each resort has its own collection of small bays, sheltered coves and sandy beaches   THE RESORTS OF THE ATHENIAN RIVIERA The Riviera starts even before the southern suburb of Glyfada and […]


ANGISTRI ISLAND REAL ESTATE Angistri Island  adds a new dimension to the idea of getting away from it all. The island is a member of the Saronic group of islands which lie close to the mainland. It is a small island, boasting secluded beaches and crystal clear waters. Fishing and water sports are popular, as […]

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